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RAF Tornado- Operation Desert Storm 1991 by Frank Wootton.- Airforce-Art
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RAF Tornado- Operation Desert Storm 1991 by Frank Wootton.

RAF Tornado- Operation Desert Storm 1991 by Frank Wootton.

at 2200 GMT on 16th January 1991 Tornados were launched from Dhahran, Bahrain and Tabuk on the RAFs first combat missions in Operation Desert Storm. Each Tornado was loaded with two JP23s and all were bound for airfields in Iraq. Taking the defences by complete surprise, the Tornados delivered their weapons over runways and taxiways, then made for home without loss, setting a standard of professionalism that was to be maintained throughout the campaign often in the face of far more serious opposition. The air campaign in which the RAF were engaged was crucial to the Allies overall strategy to free Kuwait. Indeed, it is not an exaggeration to say that for the first time in the history of warfare, air power was the determining factor in a major conflict, and that the visions of such men as Trenchard and Harris were at last demonstrated. While the final conclusions must be left to history, the Gulf war remains - as General McPeak, the US Air Force Chief of Staff pointed out - the first time that a field army had been defeated by air power. The plan for the Allied air campaign was divided into a succession of phases, beginning with the obtaining of air superiority and ending with the direct engagement of the enemy ground forces. To carry out this plan the Allies had built up a formidable air power force. By 16th January it numbered some 2430 aircraft based either within the Gulf region or close enough to project air power into it. The RAF contribution was 135 aircraft: 18 Tornado F3 fighters, 46 TornadoGR1 and 1A attack and recce aircraft, 12 Jaguar fighter-bombers, 17 tabkers, 3 Nimrod maritime patrol aircraft, 31 Chinook and Puma support helicopters, one BAe 125 and 7 Hercules transport aircraft. The strength of the Allied air forces continued to grow as the campaign progressed, and by the start of the land attack (G Day) it had reached 2790. RAF reinforcements during this period included 12 Buccaneers and additional Tornado GR1s.
Item Code : LI0032RAF Tornado- Operation Desert Storm 1991 by Frank Wootton. - This Edition
PRINTSigned limited edition of 850 prints.

Image size 17 inches x 24 inches (43cm x 61cm) Wratten, William
+ Artist : Frank Wootton

Signature(s) value alone : £15

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Signatures on this item
*The value given for each signature has been calculated by us based on the historical significance and rarity of the signature. Values of many pilot signatures have risen in recent years and will likely continue to rise as they become more and more rare.
Air Marshal Sir William Wratten KBE, CB, AFC, FRAeS
*Signature Value : £15

Air Marshal Wratten joined the RAF as a Cranwell Cadet, graduating in December 1960. He completed the CFS course the following year and went on to instruct as a first-tour QFI on Vampire T11s at Oakington and Swinderby. The Air Marshal converted onto Lightning at Middleton-St-George in 1963 before serving on 19 Squadron from 1964 to 1968, first at Leconfield and later Gutersloh. In 1968 Air Marshal Wratten converted to Phantoms at Davis-Monthan AFB, USA, and then instructed on 288 (Phantom) OCU from 1968 to 1970. He was posted in 1971 as Flight Commander on 17 Squadron at RAF Bruggen, operating the Phantom in the Strike / Attack role. Returning to the UK in 1973, he joined the staff on HQ 38 Group before attending the RAF Staff College in 1974. He then joined the OR staff at the Minstry of Defence for a brief spell before being promoted to Wing Commander and, in 1975 taking command of 23 Squadron with the Phantom in AD role. On completing his tour as Officer Commanding 23 Squadron, Air Marshal Wratten was posted to the Air Secretarys staff at Barnwood before being promoted to Group Captain in 1980 and taking command of RAF Coningsby. In June 1982 he moved to the Falkland Islands to form and command RAF Stanley. After attending RCDS in 1983, the Air Marshal became one of the two Directors OR (Air) being concerned with future RAF aircraft (except Nimrod AEW) and offensive weapons systems. In September 1986 he was appointed SASO HQ 1 Group, a post he held until becoming AOC 11 Group on 17th March 1989. Between 14th November 1990 and 22nd March 1991, Air Marshal Wratten was detached to HQ British Forces Middle East in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where he held the appointments of Air Commander and Deputy British Forces Commander Middle East during the Gulf conflict. In recognition of this service he received a Knighthood in the Operation GRANBY Honours List. On 19th September 1991, Sir William was promoted to Air Marshal prior to taking up his appointment as Director General Saudi Armed Forces Project.
The Aircraft :

Aviation History Timeline : 22nd April
22April1934William Thaw, a WW1 Ace with 5.83 victories, died on this day
22April1943 James Francis Edwards of shot down a Me323
22April2006Knight's Cross recipient Hermann Eggers of 3./Flak-Regiment 64 died on this day

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