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Jimmys Record by Stan Stokes.- Airforce-Art
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Jimmys Record by Stan Stokes.

Jimmys Record by Stan Stokes.

Following WW I the United States sharply curtailed its military budget, which slowed the progress in aviation quite a bit. However, one bright spot was the series of international race competitions, which lead to improved aircraft designs, and more powerful and reliable aviation engines. The greatest catalyst behind the technical improvements to in-line, water-cooled engines between the wars was the Schneider Trophy races. The 1925 Schneider Trophy contest was scheduled for Baltimore, Maryland in October. The United States Army and the Navy agreed to work together for the 1925 race and commissioned the construction of three Curtiss R3C-2 racers. The Curtiss racers would utilize the proven wood and plywood-skin construction with an upgraded engine capable of generating more than 600-HP. A new drop-forged, duraluminum Reed propeller was utilized, as were a slight change in pontoon design. On September 11, 1925 the new design was rolled out for its maiden test flight. Lt. Jimmy Doolittle of the Army lost the toss to Navy Lt. Al Williams, so Williams took the new bird off for its first flight. The site for the Schneider Cup was a 31 mile triangular course laid out over the Chesapeake Bay and an inlet to Baltimore Harbor. The course would be flown seven times necessitating a total of twenty-one pylon turns. The site had been built by the Baltimore Flying Club from scratch. The weather on October 24 turned awful with 60-MPH gusts. The decision was made to postpone the race until Monday the 26th. The weather was moderate on the 26th with 2-3 waves on the Bay. By noon the water had calmed, the winds had died down and the morning haze had burned off. It was perfect for racing. A Naval Air Pageant proceeded the race, and a TC-5 Navy Airship soared into position near the start/finish line. At 2:30 PM Lt. Doolittle left the hangar ramp and taxied to the start line. Giving the Curtiss full throttle Jimmy took off after a short run, and climbed quickly to about 300 feet. The other contestants followed at five minute intervals. From the beginning it appeared that Doolittle would be a runaway winner. Beating the previous record average race speed by a whopping 54-MPH, Doolittle would complete the course with an average speed of 230-MPH. The following day Doolittle would set a new world record for sea planes with 246-MPH over a straight course. The British and Italian teams took their defeat bitterly. Jimmy Doolittle, who lost only one race that he entered during his racing career, would go on to aviation greatness, leading the famous B-25 raid on Tokyo, and as C.O. of the Eighth Air Force.
Item Code : STK0174Jimmys Record by Stan Stokes. - This Edition
PRINT Signed limited edition of 4750 prints.

Supplied with signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.
Print size 16 inches x 11.5 inches (41cm x 30cm)Artist : Stan Stokes£10 Off!Now : £28.00

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General descriptions of types of editions :

The Aircraft :
Curtiss R3C-2

Aviation History Timeline : 25th May
25May1917Rene Dorme, a WW1 Ace with 23.00 victories, died on this day
25May1940Pierre Villey, a WW2 Ace with 5.00 victories, died on this day
25May1942Former Belgian Battle of Britain pilot, P/O R. G. C. de H. De Grunne of 32 Squadron, was Killed.
25May1942Former British Battle of Britain pilot, P/O J. B. Kendal of 66 Squadron, was Killed.
25May1942Former Polish Battle of Britain pilot, P/O J. S. DFC Jankiewicz of 601 Squadron, was Killed.
25May1942Friedrich Dahn, a WW2 Ace with 26.00 victories, died on this day
25May1942Hauptmann Peter Gamann of III./Sturzkampfgeschwader 1 was awarded the Knight's Cross
25May1942Hauptmann of the Reserves Gerhard Bauhaus of 8./Sturzkampfgeschwader 77 was awarded the Knight's Cross
25May1942Leutnant Gerhard Krems of 2./Kampfgeschwader 27 was awarded the Knight's Cross
25May1942Oberleutnant Anton Hackl of 5./Jagdgeschwader 77 was posthumously awarded the Knight's Cross
25May1943Hauptmann Josef Schl of 3./Kampfgeschwader 51 was awarded the Knight's Cross
25May1943Hauptmann Werner Roell of Stabsst./Sturzkampfgeschwader 77 was posthumously awarded the Knight's Cross
25May1943Oberleutnant Rudolf Trenn of 8./Schlachtgeschwader 77 was awarded the Knight's Cross
25May1944Wing Commander Lorne Cameron of No.401 Sqn RAF shot down a Fw190
25May1955J Mellersh, a WW1 Ace with 9.00 victories, died on this day

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