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Harried Argentineans by Stan Stokes. (GL)- Airforce-Art
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Harried Argentineans by Stan Stokes. (GL)

Harried Argentineans by Stan Stokes. (GL)

On May 1, 1982 two Royal Navy British Aerospace Sea Harrier FRS1s, piloted by F/Lt. Paul Barton and Lt. Steve Thomas encountered two Argentinean Mirage III fighters near the Falkland Islands. The Mirage fighters were piloted by Capt. Garcia Cuerva and Lt. Carlos Perona. The two jets approached the airspace around Task Force 317, which was sailing to the Falklands to retake them from occupying Argentine forces. Sea Harriers were launched to intercept the Mirage fighters. The Mirages fired first at about five miles distance, but their missiles failed to lock on to their targets. Turning to the left the Mirage jets soon found the two Harriers on their tails. Barton fell in behind Perona and Thomas took a bead on the jet flown by Cuerva. Firing their Sidewinder, air-to-air, missiles, the Harrier pilots got a hit on Peronas Mirage. Perona ejected from his aircraft and came down in shallow water near West Falkland Island. Cuervas Mirage was damaged by the missile fired by Thomas, and he attempted to fly his damaged aircraft back to his base. Cuerva was unfortunately shot down and killed by his own anti-aircraft fire. During the Falklands War the Brits thoroughly outclassed the Argentine Air Force. The British forces without the loss of a single aircraft downed a total of 22 Argentine aircraft. Lt. Thomas downed three aircraft during the conflict, the most for any one pilot. Although the Harriers had a slower top speed than the aircraft they encountered during the War, they succeeded because their pilots were better trained for air-to-air combat, and their missiles were more effective. The Harrier was the worlds first operational V/STOL (vertical/short take-off and landing) aircraft. It evolved from the Hawker P.1127, which first flew in 1960. The Harrier proved itself in combat for the first time during the Falklands War. The aircraft and its pilots demonstrated that the V/STOL fighter could hold its own against much faster traditional jet fighters, while operating without the use of a traditional airfield. The Sea Harrier FRS1 has a maximum speed of 740-MPH at sea level, a service ceiling of 51,000 feet, a practical combat range of 260 miles, and a maximum ferry range of 2490 miles. Its maximum armament payload is 8,500 pounds (5,000 pounds in vertical take-off mode.) It is armed with two 30mm Aden cannon and 4 Sidewinder missiles. The Harrier has been produced by Hawker Siddley (later British Aerospace) in the UK, and by McDonnell Douglas for the USMC in America. This aircraft is also utilized by the Spanish Naval Air Force - the Armada Espanol.
Item Code : STK0147GLHarried Argentineans by Stan Stokes. (GL) - This Edition
Limited edition of 100 giclee canvas prints.

Size 45 inches x 30 inches (114cm x 76cm)none£624.00

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Other editions of this item : Harried Argentineans by Stan Stokes.STK0147
PRINT Signed limited edition of 4750 prints.

Supplied with signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.
Print size 16 inches x 11.5 inches (41cm x 30cm)Artist : Stan Stokes£10 Off!Now : £27.00VIEW EDITION...
PRINT Limited edition of 100 giclee art prints. Size 21 inches x 14 inches (53cm x 36cm)Artist : Stan Stokes£109.00VIEW EDITION...
Limited edition of 100 giclee canvas prints. Size 36 inches x 24 inches (91cm x 61cm)none£484.00VIEW EDITION...
Limited edition of 100 giclee canvas prints. Size 27 inches x 18 inches (69cm x 46cm)none£294.00VIEW EDITION...
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The Aircraft :
HarrierThe Hawker Siddeley Harrier, Vertical Take off Royal Air Force and Royal Navy ground attack fighter. with a maximum speed of 737mph and a ceiling of over 50,000 feet. range of 260 miles. The Harriers armament consisted of two 30mm Aden guns and up to 5000 lb of bombs, Rockets or other armaments under the wings. The Worlds First vertical take off and landing combat aircraft the Hawker Siddeley Harriers first arrived with No. 1 squadron Royal Air Force in July 1969. and with a variety of modifications and changes (Harrier GR 1, Harrier T2, Harrier GR3 and finally the British Aerospace Sea Harrier FRG1) The Sea Harrier commenced trials in 1977. The Fleet Air Arm received their first harriers just in time for the Falklands Conflict.
Mirage IIIThe Mirage III is a supersonic fighter aircraft designed by Dassault Aviation in France during the late 1950s, and manufactured in France and other countries. It was a successful fighter aircraft, being sold to many air forces around the world and remaining in production for over a decade. The Mirage saw action with the Argentinian Air Force during the falklands campaign and also the Isreali Air Forces Mirage aircraft saw combat. Some of the world's smaller air forces still fly Mirage IIIs or variants as front-line equipment today.

Aviation History Timeline : 18th June
18June1916Max Immelmann, a WW1 Ace with 15.00 victories, died on this day
18June1941Flight Lieutenant Charles Palliser of No.249 Sqn RAF shot down a Mc200
18June1941Former British Battle of Britain pilot, P/O S. J. Hill of 609 Squadron, was Killed.
18June1941Former Polish Battle of Britain pilot, Sgt H. Skowron of 303 Squadron, was Killed.
18June1944Ernest Joyce, a WW2 Ace with 10.00 victories, died on this day
18June1944Former British Battle of Britain pilot, F/O R. L. F. Day of 141 Squadron, was Killed.
18June1944Generalmajor Werner Anton of 6. Flak-Division (mot.) was posthumously awarded the Knight's Cross
18June1953Rene Fonck, a WW1 Ace with 75.00 victories, died on this day
18June1978Leopold Anslinger, a WW1 Ace with 8.00 victories, died on this day
18June1998Svein Heglund, a WW2 Ace with 14.50 victories, died on this day
18June2003Air Cheif Marshal Sir Kenneth Cross KCB, CBE, DSO, DFC, whose signature is on some of our aviation art, died on this day

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