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Air Force
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Founded :
Country : Germany
Fate :


Aircraft for : KG2
A list of all aircraft known to have been flown by KG2. A profile page including a list of all art prints for the aircraft is available by clicking the aircraft name.


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Manufacturer : Dornier
Production Began : 1937
Retired : 1940


The Dornier 17 first saw action during the Spanish Civil war (1936-39) where it was faster than the enemies fighters and was nicknamed by the Spanish as Bacalaos which means Cod Fish. Full production started in March 1937 with a variety of variants including DO 17E and DO 17F for use as fast reconnaissance aircraft. During the opening months of world war two the Dornier 17 along with the older He 111 was the main bomber for the Luftwaffe, with three of the bomber groups operating Dornior 17's - KG2, KG3 and KG76. At the outbreak of the war a total of 533 Dornier were in frontline service. The aircraft did well during the Polish campaign - with a speed of 265 mph which was faster than the Polish defenders fighters. But during the Battle of Britian, when faced with the fast Royal Air Force fighters, the Dornier with its light armament was no match. In1940 with the new JU 88 being produced the Dornier was gradually replaced and production of the Do 17 ended in 1940


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Manufacturer : Dornier


Full profile not yet available.
Signatures for : KG2
A list of all signatures from our database who are associated with this squadron. A profile page is available by clicking their name.

Oberleutnant Kurt Schulze
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Oberleutnant Kurt Schulze

After serving with the Air Signals Corps during the Blitzkrieg through the Low Countries and France, Kurt Schulze then flew as a Me110 Wireless Operator over southern Russia, before returning to the west. Here he flew night missions against England in Do217s with I./KG2. In September 1943 he transferred to train as a fighter pilot, and flew 65 missions in Me109s with III./JG5 on the Arctic Front, scoring three victories. In November 1944 he flew in the ill-fated defence of the German battleship Tirpitz. In March 1945 he commanded I./JG51 in the encircled east German city of Danzig, before returning to Norway in May 1945 to command 16./JG5.

Aviation History Timeline : 14th February
14February1922H Richardson, a WW1 Ace with 15.00 victories, died on this day
14February1939Marcel Gasser, a WW1 Ace with 10.00 victories, died on this day
14February1941Former British Battle of Britain pilot, P/O D. A. Maxwell of 611 & 603 Squadrons, was Killed.
14February1941Former British Battle of Britain pilot, P/O E. R. Phillips of 25 Squadron, was Killed.
14February1941Former New Zealand Battle of Britain pilot, Sgt N. M. Stanger of 235 Squadron, was Killed.
14February1942Feldwebel Leopold Steinbatz of 9./Jagdgeschwader 52 was posthumously awarded the Knight's Cross
14February1942Former British Battle of Britain pilot, W/C. R. A. Chignell of 145 Squadron, was Killed.
14February1942Former Czech Battle of Britain pilot, P/O M. Kredba of 310 Squadron, was Killed.
14February1942Franz Eckerle, a WW2 Ace with 59.00 victories, died on this day
14February1942Oberleutnant Franz Schweiger of 8./Flak-Regiment 25 was awarded the Knight's Cross
14February1945Knight's Cross recipient Otto Kittel of 2./Jagdgeschwader 54 died on this day
14February1945Otto Kittel, a WW2 Ace with 267.00 victories, died on this day


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