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Air Force
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Snipe Artwork Collection

Major William Barker VC, DSO - Nearly an Ace in a Day by Ivan Berryman.

Dolphin and Snipe Aces of World War One.

Squadrons for : Snipe
A list of all squadrons from known to have used this aircraft. A profile page is available by clicking the squadron name.

No.56 Sqn RAF

Country : UK
Founded : 9th June 1916

Quid si coelum ruat - What if heaven falls

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No.56 Sqn RAF

56 Squadron was formed on 8th June 1916 and in April 1917 was posted to France as part of the Royal Flying Corps. 56 squadron was equipped with the new SE5 fighter. One of the major aerial combats of the squadron was the shooting down of Lt Werner Voss. By the end of the first world war 56 Squadron had scored 402 victories, and many famous fighter aces flew with 56 Squadron including James McCudden, Reginald Hoidge, Gerald Maxwell, Arthur Rhys-Davies, Geoffrey Hilton Bowman, Richard Mayberry, Leonard Monteagle Barlow, Cyril Crowe, Maurice Mealing, Albert Ball, Harold Walkerdine, William Roy Irwin, Eric Broadberry, Kenneth William Junor, Cecil Leiws, Keith Muspratt, Duncan Grinnell-Milne, William Spurret Fielding-Johnson, William Otway Boger, Charles Jeffs, and Harold Molyneux. The squadron lost 40 pilots during the first world war with another twenty wounded and thirty one taken prisoner. When world war two broke out on the 6th of September 1939, 56 Squadron was based at North Weald. 56 Squadron flew Hurricanes during the Battle of France and during the Battle of Britain. 56 Squadron claimed just over 100 enenmy aircraft shot down during 1940. In 1941 as part of the Duxford Wing it was the first squadron to be equipped with the new Hawker Typhoon and during 1942 and 1943 was based ay RAF Matlaske as part of No.12 Group. No 56 Squadron was the frist squadron to confirm a victory while flying the Hawker Typhoon. In 1944 56 Squadron moved to RAF Newchurch and was re equipped with the new Hawker Tempest V, becoming part of the No.150 Wing under the command of the Ace Wing Commander Roland Beamont. 56 Squadron's new role was to defend Britian against the V1 flying bombs, and the squadron shot down around 75 V1s. The squadron moved to Europe on the 28th of September 1944 to Grimbergen in Belgium as part fo 122 Wing of the Second Tactical Air Force. During this period to the end of the war 56 Squadron became joint top scorers with a total of 149 aircraft cliamed. Over its history the squadron flew, SE5's Sopwith Snipes, Gloster Grebes, Armstrong Whitworth Siskins, Bristol Bulldogs, Gloster Gauntlets, Gloster Gladiators, Harker Hurricanes, Hawker Typhoon, and Hawker Tempests. Battle of Honours of the Squadron are : Western front 1917 - 1918 , Arras, Ypres 1917, Cambrai 1917, Soome 1918, Amiens, Hindenburg Line. During World war two : France and the Low Countries 1940, Battle of Britian, Fortress Europe 1942 - 1944, Dieppe, France, Germany 1944 - 1945, Home Defence 1942 - 1945 and Arnhem.

Aviation History Timeline : 24th May
24May1940Feldwebel Helmut Görtz of 3./Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 1 was awarded the Knight's Cross
24May1940Hauptmann Fritz Prager of II./Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 1 was awarded the Knight's Cross
24May1940Hauptmann Karl-Lothar Schulz of III./Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 1 was awarded the Knight's Cross
24May1940Leutnant Cord Tietjen of 5./Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 1 was awarded the Knight's Cross
24May1940Leutnant of the Reserves Wolfgang Graf von Blücher-Fincken of 2./Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 1 was awarded the Knight's Cross
24May1940Major Erich Walther of I./Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 1 was awarded the Knight's Cross
24May1940Major Heinrich Trettner of 7. Fliegerdivision was posthumously awarded the Knight's Cross
24May1940Oberleutnant Herbert Schmidt of 1./Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 1 was awarded the Knight's Cross
24May1940Oberleutnant Horst Kerfin of 11./Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 1 was awarded the Knight's Cross
24May1940Oberst Bruno Bräuer of Fallschjäger-Regiment 1 was awarded the Knight's Cross
24May1940Oberst Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Conrad of Kampfgeschwader z.b.V. 2 was awarded the Knight's Cross
24May1944Reinhold Hoffmann, a WW2 Ace with 66.00 victories, died on this day
24May1945Robert Greim, a WW1 Ace with 25.00 victories, died on this day
24May1950Claude Haegelan, a WW1 Ace with 23.00 victories, died on this day
24May1974Former British Battle of Britain pilot, Sgt. H. W. Charnock of 64 & 19 Squadrons, Passed away.
24May1989Viktor Schobinger, a WW1 Ace with 8.00 victories, died on this day
24May2008Knight's Cross recipient Josef Huber of 8./Schlachtgeschwader 77 died on this day
24May2009Carl Luksic, a WW2 Ace with 8.50 victories, died on this day
24May2009Robert Booth, a WW2 Ace with 8.00 victories, died on this day


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